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If you’re asking: What is Color Therapy?  here’s the answer: Color Therapy is a collaboration between Rising Sun Glasses and Wear Lite color lenses, and we couldn’t be any prouder!

The new products are the answer to all the dreary mornings, all the overcast and dark days of autumn and winter, and all the days in between, for when you need a bit of extra color to spark up your day, and your imagination.

With the new collaboration, we will (very soon) be able to offer you optical lenses (prescription lenses) to fit your brand new Rising Sun Glasses frames. Imagine the possibilities: You are helping a blind person in the Third World get the eye care/ or surgery  that they need, and you receive good karma points, AND a hand-made in Italy frame, with green, purple, yellow, or turquoise lenses.

The posh-est spas and the most up-to-date psychotherapists & holistic healers, are now offering color therapy. For 1 hour, if you’re lucky, you get to experience the healing properties of light. What we are offering you is the same therapy, but this time, you get to experience the benefits EVERY DAY. Combine this healing power over you, with the good karma points you’ve just racked up for helping a person in the Third World get the eye surgery they so desperately needed, and I’d say you’re well on your way to enlightenment. Good job!

We’re excited to bring you these options, and we’re updating our SHOP right now, so that you can enjoy the rainbow that much sooner.

The prediction:  a wavefront of good feelings, followed by a rainbow of happy colors covering your entire world 🙂

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