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Happy Faces Everywhere XV

You wearing Rising Sun Glasses™.
Giuseppe from Switzerland with RSG mod.001… LOOKING GOOD!

Giuseppe has helped a blind child in need see the sunlight again. Would you do your part? A blind person in need needs your help now. And with this feeling of helping others and making this world a better place, you also get your own pair of stylish, eco friendly, sustainable sunglasses. Oh YEAH!

Send us pictures of you wearing your original pair of Rising Sun Glasses™ to proudlywearing@risingsunglasses.com and visit us on www.risingsunglasses.com for more!

Rising Sun Glasses Giuseppe

Ready to ship…

Everyone who’s pre-ordered, look for Rising Sun Glasses™ glasses in your mailbox soon! If you haven’t ordered yet, you can order now in our shop.


The prototypes for the new cases and cleaning cloths came in today! We love it! We’re happy to be able to ship your pre-orders soon.
To pre-order you pair of Rising Sun Glasses™ visit our shop. You’ll be the first to get them.

Go Magazine Go

We’ve seen our add for the first time in a magazine… exciting!

We know that we are very late with this, but as we are a very small company we thought it would be better to get you great glasses first…
Anyway now we are socializing…



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