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Wer ist RSG?

wieder-sehen_640_334We’re a team of concerned citizens of the planet, trying to bring light into the life of preventably blind people of the world. Social Entrepreneurship is not just a good thing, It’s a necessary thing.

JFK was right when he said „Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country“ that matters. In this case, we’re extrapolating a bit, and including the entire planet, as we are all of this planet, and the pain and suffering of our fellow man affects us all.

In this case, the plight of those going blind for lack of resources is what we’re trying to amend.

Understanding the lack of sensorial input was the starting point for this endeavor. The idea came to us, when the founder lost his hearing temporarily. It is nothing short of scary to loose your hearing functions. But in that state, Sebastian, our founder, started thinking of all those that don’t have access to the medical facilities or the resources, to take care of a simple surgery, to prevent the loss of sense for the rest of their lives.

Loosing his hearing, even temporarily, sparked this drive to prevent that from happening to others. Loosing your sight can lead to, especially in the developing countries, being treated as a pariah, being pushed to the fringes of society, which can lead to not being able to provide for yourself or for your family, not having a place to live, not leading a happy live, contributing. All because of lack of resources, and because of a where they are born. This should never be the case!

If a simple cataract surgery in the West, „civilized world“ is affordable and sometimes included in your health care plan, getting access to the same cataract surgery is cost prohibitive and sometimes very difficult to get to, distance wise, in the Third World. So, a human being born in a developing country is faced with the immensity of loosing her/his sight because of a very small amount of money, by western standards. How can this be? How can we stand by and let this happen?

Well, WE couldn’t! That’s why Rising Sun Glasses!

We could not let preventable socio-economic factors decide who’s going blind and who’s not. Factors like distance to the nearest qualified hospital or ophthalmologist, and the costs of the surgery, are factors that we can mediate. With every pair of RSG sunglasses sold, we are providing for the medical examinations, the eye surgery, or the treatment of preventable blindness, for one person in the developing world. So the more glasses we sell and the more people we reach with our message, the more people we get to save. Actually, you, the buyer of our glasses, gets to save the sight of those people, you get to be the HERO

header_beira_02_640_218And now going back to JFK’s speech, it is about what you can do for your country, in this case your world. If buying a pair of sunglasses can help another person keep their sight, keep their integrity as a human being, it is our / your duty to help.

If, in the process, you get a pair of stylish and good for you, and your karma, glasses, that’s even better. In the development of our glasses, we took the highest care in doing it with the environment in mind, by using renewable and recyclable resources, and in sourcing the production to a local manufacturer, therefore reducing the environmental impact of transport. We’re trying to help, and we’re trying to help those in need, and the planet.

We thought of the quality of the lenses too, and we decided that we will do our best in preventing blindness at home too, by incorporating high quality 100% UV protection, even in our HERO model (clear lens), therefore protecting your eye and your vision.

In short, this is who we are: concerned citizens of the world, trying to prevent blindness, and bring beauty to this world at the same time.

About who YOU are? You are a person that is trying to do her/his part in reducing suffering in this world, trying to make this world a better place, and looking good while doing it.

We cannot wait to meet you and hear your stories, and see you looking dashing in your new pair of Rising Sun Glasses, and helping those in need see the light again, because of your involvement.

Hit us up at rsg email.

Cheers and thanks!