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RSG is getting Press

Glamour Magazine (Germany)

Glamour Magazine, the December issue, has put together a list of select and best Christmas gifts for all, and honored us by including the Maputo, our RSG Model .002 sunglasses, in this gorgeous list.

Mit Bestem Gewissen: Rising Sun Glasses: our RSG MOdel .002 Maputo.

A thoughtful Christmas gift for a dear one, and the best gift for a blind person in need:

1 pair of RSG glasses sold = 1 eye surgery for a blind person in need = you are a hero with style.

And to make your Christmas shopping easier, here is a 25% off Coupon! Use RSGXMAS code on your checkout, for a 25% off! Use it and pass it along to all your socially conscious, glamourous friends.

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Happy Faces Everywhere XIX

You wearing Rising Sun Glasses™, Golden brown texture, like the summer sun…

Carline just sent us a picture of her wearing Rising Sun Glasses mod.001 Color Therapy with hand dipped golden lenses from WearLite.ch Switzerland.

We are stunned by her beauty and we all are happy about one blind person in need being able to see the sunlight again due to Carline.  With each pair of RisingSunGlasses.com sold, a blind person in need receives the medical attention needed to prevent blindness, or a sight saving surgery.

Thanks Carline! What a HERO she is!

CARLINE from Italy

RSG is getting Press

Abenteuer und Reisen (Germany)

Adventure and Travel Magazine, in Germany, has honored us in including the Rising Sun Glasses Model 2 in their current issue (September 2013).


Visual-aid The buyer of a Rising Sun Sunglasses helps blind people in developing countries (this year in focus: Mozambique). The price includes a contribution to the funding of the organization LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, which covers the costs for the operation of a blind man.


And, as a quick reminder, we are offering 60 days money back guarantee *, and a boat-load of good karma, with each pair of glasses or sunglasses we sell.



If you’re asking: What is Color Therapy?  here’s the answer: Color Therapy is a collaboration between Rising Sun Glasses and Wear Lite color lenses, and we couldn’t be any prouder!

The new products are the answer to all the dreary mornings, all the overcast and dark days of autumn and winter, and all the days in between, for when you need a bit of extra color to spark up your day, and your imagination.

With the new collaboration, we will (very soon) be able to offer you optical lenses (prescription lenses) to fit your brand new Rising Sun Glasses frames. Imagine the possibilities: You are helping a blind person in the Third World get the eye care/ or surgery  that they need, and you receive good karma points, AND a hand-made in Italy frame, with green, purple, yellow, or turquoise lenses.

The posh-est spas and the most up-to-date psychotherapists & holistic healers, are now offering color therapy. For 1 hour, if you’re lucky, you get to experience the healing properties of light. What we are offering you is the same therapy, but this time, you get to experience the benefits EVERY DAY. Combine this healing power over you, with the good karma points you’ve just racked up for helping a person in the Third World get the eye surgery they so desperately needed, and I’d say you’re well on your way to enlightenment. Good job!

We’re excited to bring you these options, and we’re updating our SHOP right now, so that you can enjoy the rainbow that much sooner.

The prediction:  a wavefront of good feelings, followed by a rainbow of happy colors covering your entire world 🙂

RSG_CT_Preview RSG_HOLI_Preview

And we’re doing that ONE PAIR OF GLASSES at a time. With each pair of RISING SUN GLASSES™ sunglasses or glasses sold, we are bringing back the light into the life of a blind person in need. Each pair we sell pays for an eye surgery, or preventive care, or the medicine needed to stave off blindness.


We are very proud to announce that RISING SUN GLASSES is sponsoring the 8th annual BADRUTT’S PALACE, BAUR AU LAC & BEAU-RIVAGE PALACE GOLF CUP, this August 2nd 2013.  Join us and the rest of the sponsors (Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Bottega Veneta, Chopard, and many others) for this day of sun and golf.

While you’re out there, stop by our booth and get yourself a pair of our stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes, and help a blind person in need.


You wearing Rising Sun Glasses™.

Here is Mark from Switzerland wearing Rising Sun Glasses mod.001. The summer has finally arrived to Switzerland, and we’re glad to see you wearing your RSG sunglasses, and being a HERO in a person in need’s life. With each pair of RisingSunGlasses.com sold, a blind person in need receives the medical attention needed to prevent blindness, or a sight saving surgery.

Mark is our Hero for sure.

1075632_10201021331149716_1113251573_n 189509_10201025827622125_1895601532_n

RSG is getting Press

Jolie Magazine (Germany)


Miss Selena Gomez knows style, and together with eco conscious brands like: Stella McCartney, Bleed, Fill the Blank, Less is More, World Wild Life WWF, Royal Blush, Priti NYC, Kure Bazaar, Rising Sun Glasses shines on the pages of Jolie Magazine, in Germany.

You wearing Rising Sun Glasses™.

Here is Dino from Zurich, Switzerland wearing Rising Sun Glasses mod.001 “HERO limited” with optical lenses. We definitely do like!

Rising Sun Glasses DIno Ceccato

Dino is wearing his brand new RSG model .001 HERO, with optical lenses, and looking great if we could say so ourselves.  With bio-degradable colors, handmade and hand painted frames, his new glasses are helping Dino see, AND help provide for a sight-saving surgery for a person in need.

Follow Dino’s example and become the HERO in the life of a Third-World child. Be Superman for a day!

And with this feeling of helping others and making this world a better place, you also get your own pair of stylish, eco friendly, sustainable sunglasses. Oh YEAH!

Send us pictures of you wearing your original pair of Rising Sun Glasses™ toproudlywearing@risingsunglasses.com and visit us onwww.risingsunglasses.com for more!


wieder-sehen_640_334We’re a team of concerned citizens of the planet, trying to bring light into the life of preventably blind people of the world. Social Entrepreneurship is not just a good thing, It’s a necessary thing.

JFK was right when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” that matters. In this case, we’re extrapolating a bit, and including the entire planet, as we are all of this planet, and the pain and suffering of our fellow man affects us all.

In this case, the plight of those going blind for lack of resources is what we’re trying to amend.

Understanding the lack of sensorial input was the starting point for this endeavor. The idea came to us, when the founder lost his hearing temporarily. It is nothing short of scary to loose your hearing functions. But in that state, Sebastian, our founder, started thinking of all those that don’t have access to the medical facilities or the resources, to take care of a simple surgery, to prevent the loss of sense for the rest of their lives.

Loosing his hearing, even temporarily, sparked this drive to prevent that from happening to others. Loosing your sight can lead to, especially in the developing countries, being treated as a pariah, being pushed to the fringes of society, which can lead to not being able to provide for yourself or for your family, not having a place to live, not leading a happy live, contributing. All because of lack of resources, and because of a where they are born. This should never be the case!

If a simple cataract surgery in the West, “civilized world” is affordable and sometimes included in your health care plan, getting access to the same cataract surgery is cost prohibitive and sometimes very difficult to get to, distance wise, in the Third World. So, a human being born in a developing country is faced with the immensity of loosing her/his sight because of a very small amount of money, by western standards. How can this be? How can we stand by and let this happen?

Well, WE couldn’t! That’s why Rising Sun Glasses!

We could not let preventable socio-economic factors decide who’s going blind and who’s not. Factors like distance to the nearest qualified hospital or ophthalmologist, and the costs of the surgery, are factors that we can mediate. With every pair of RSG sunglasses sold, we are providing for the medical examinations, the eye surgery, or the treatment of preventable blindness, for one person in the developing world. So the more glasses we sell and the more people we reach with our message, the more people we get to save. Actually, you, the buyer of our glasses, gets to save the sight of those people, you get to be the HERO

header_beira_02_640_218And now going back to JFK’s speech, it is about what you can do for your country, in this case your world. If buying a pair of sunglasses can help another person keep their sight, keep their integrity as a human being, it is our / your duty to help.

If, in the process, you get a pair of stylish and good for you, and your karma, glasses, that’s even better. In the development of our glasses, we took the highest care in doing it with the environment in mind, by using renewable and recyclable resources, and in sourcing the production to a local manufacturer, therefore reducing the environmental impact of transport. We’re trying to help, and we’re trying to help those in need, and the planet.

We thought of the quality of the lenses too, and we decided that we will do our best in preventing blindness at home too, by incorporating high quality 100% UV protection, even in our HERO model (clear lens), therefore protecting your eye and your vision.

In short, this is who we are: concerned citizens of the world, trying to prevent blindness, and bring beauty to this world at the same time.

About who YOU are? You are a person that is trying to do her/his part in reducing suffering in this world, trying to make this world a better place, and looking good while doing it.

We cannot wait to meet you and hear your stories, and see you looking dashing in your new pair of Rising Sun Glasses, and helping those in need see the light again, because of your involvement.

Hit us up at rsg email.

Cheers and thanks!




Stylisch aussehen und Gutes tun. Das ist das Motto von “Rising Sun Glasses”, denn mit dem Kauf einer handgefertigten Designer-Brille wird einem blinden Menschen in der Dritten Welt geholfen, wieder sehen zu können. “Rising Sun Glasses” und die Partner-Organisation “Licht für die Welt” unterstützen 2013 den Bau der Augenklink des Central Hospital in Beira, Mosambik.

Unser Sonnenbrillen-Tip für diese Saison ist das klassische Modell „TETE“ im Wayfarer-Stil. Vielseitig kombinierbar mit fast jedem Outfit ist dieses stylische und nachhaltige Accessoire ein Must-Have für den Sommer. Das Modell “TETE” ist aus Cellulose Tenite®, einem Polymer mit geringen ökologischen Auswirkungen, gefertigt und kostet ca. 189 Euro.


RSG is getting Press



RSG is getting Press


Sozial nachhaltige Sonnenbrille

Die Brillen von Rising Sun Glases versprechen mehr als einen stylish Auftritt und Schutz von der Sonne: Pro verkaufte Sonnenbrille wird einem sehbehinderten Menschen in einem Entwicklungsland die entsprechende Behandlung bezahlt, das er wieder sehen kann. Über 85% der sehbehinderten Menschen leben in Entwicklungsländern; ihnen kann oft mit einet einzigen Behandlung geholfen werden. Das Model «Maputo» ist nach einer Stadt in Mosambik benannt, in der Rising Sun Glasses blinden Mengen hilft. CHF 235 aus risingsunglssses.com Gratis Versand und 60 Tage Rückgabegarantie.


The sun is indeed shinning, shinning on all of our customers, helping blind people in need. Here’s your chance to help too, and look amazing while doing your part:


Shop by your currency here: shop.rsg.com

RSG is getting Press

RSG was featured in the DIVA MAGAZINE Frühling/Sommer 2013 GREEN FASHION pages, and we are honored!

Check us out:

Diva Magazine

Sebastian Triebl ist gebürtiger Osterreicher. Beidseitige Hörstürze machten dem Musiker den Wert der Sinne klar, er entwickelte handgemachte Sonnenbrillen, deren Erlös »Light for the World« jeweils die Operation einer erblindeten Person finanziert.  www.risingsunglasses.com

RSG is getting Press



Rising Sun Glasses ist eine neue Sonnenbrillenmarke, die nicht nur einen stylishen Auftritt und Schutz vor der Sonne verspricht, sondern einem Menschen wieder das Augenlicht schenkt. Pro verkaufte Sonnenbrille wird einem sehbehinderten Menschen in einem Entwicklungsland die entsprechende Behandlung bezahlt, so dass er wieder schen kann. Über 85% der sehbehinderten Menschen leben in Entwicklungsländern; ihnen kann oft mit einer einzigen Behandlung geholfen werden. Die Brillengläser sind aus polarisierten Polycarbonaten gefertigt, die dünner und leichter sind als herkömmliche Sonnenbrillengläser. Zudem ist das Material das stossfestes auf dem Markt und bietet hundertprozentigen UV-Schutz.

You wearing Rising Sun Glasses™.

Ted from Zurich with RSG mod.002… LOOKING GOOD!

Ted is wearing his brand new RSG model .002, and looking great if we could say so ourselves.  Here he is, doing his part in helping a blind person in need see the bright light of the sun.

Would you do your part? A blind person in need needs your help now. And with this feeling of helping others and making this world a better place, you also get your own pair of stylish, eco friendly, sustainable sunglasses. Oh YEAH!

Send us pictures of you wearing your original pair of Rising Sun Glasses™ to proudlywearing@risingsunglasses.com and visit us on www.risingsunglasses.com for more!

RSG is getting Press

Rising Sun Glasses was featured in InStyle Magazine, in the January 2013 edition.

We are proud to share the pages of InStyle with miss Keira Knightly. We were featured in the WE LOVE CHARITY section, together with Feed ProjectsTomsTommy Hilfiger, Noble Project, MAC, and Kiehl’s, and we LOVE THE COMPANY!

RSG is getting Press


Alle Jahre wieder stehen wir vor der einen grossen Frage: Was schenke ich zu Weihnachten? Wie diese jährliche Aufgabe ohne grosse Anstrengungen und mit Erfolg zu bewältigen ist, sagt uns Buchautorin Tatjana Strobel.

Menschenkenntnis-Expertin und Bestseller-Autorin Tatjana Strobel studiert intensiv Körpersprache und Gesichtszüge und wertet die Ergebnisse in ihren Büchern aus. Die Verhaltensfach frau hat auch wert· volle Tipps zum Thema richtig Schenken parat.

Tatjana Strobel, wie finde ich heraus, welches das richtige Geschenk ist?
Das ist gar nicht schwierig! Achten Sie unter dem Jahr auf Äusserungen und Wünsche von Freunden und Familie. Damit Sie nichts vergessen, führen Sie ein «Wünschebuch», in dem Sie jeden Wunsch vermerken. Übrigens macht Schenken den Schenkenden glücklich!

Wie sehe ich, ob der Beschenkte wirklich Freude hat?
Nach dem Auspacken sollte Überraschung im Gesicht zu sehen sein. Aufgerissene Augen, vergrösserte Pupillen, oder ein ehrfürchtiges, staunendes «Oh» oder «Wow» entweicht seinen Lippen. Auch ein Lachen im Gesicht und Arme und Schultern sind hochgezogen, zeigen Freude. Und wenn das Geschenk gefällt, beschäftigt sich der Beschenkte ausführlich damit, zieht es an, blättert darin und zeigt es den anderen Gästen.

Gibt es Regeln, was ich meiner Chefin/meinem Chef schenken darf?
Ja! Persönliche und intime Geschenke wie Parfüm, Deo oder Wäsche sind tabu. Am besten und unverfänglichsten schenkt man im Team. Dabei kann es sich um ein edles Schreibgerät oder ein Visitenkartenetui handeln. Oder Sie schenken etas für die ganze Familie, wie zum Beispiel Karten für das Weihnachtskabarett oder einen Gutschein für ein Wellness-Bad-Eintritt.

Was schenke ich einem Mann, der schon alles hat?
Das wertvollste Gut auf Erden ist Zeit. Schenken Sie ihm Ihre Zeit: Zeit sich zu verwöhnen, Zeit für Genuss, oder einfach Zeit für Gemeinsamkeit.

2. Gutes schenken, Die coolen Rising-Sun-Giasses retten das Augenlicht von Menschen in der Dritten Welt. Zu bestellen ist das Stück für etwa 189 Euro unter www.risingsunglasses.com .

RSG is getting Press


Shop for Good

Shoppen muss nicht immer eigennützig sein, viele Labels von Asos bis Gucci machen aus Ihrem Einkaufsbummel eine Spende für Hilfsprojekte in alle Welt. Pro verkauftem Artikel geht entweder ein bestimmter Prozentsatz an eine Organisation, werden Unternehmen in Entwicklungsländern unterstützt oder die Umweltverschmutzung reduziert. Ganz egal, welches Produkt Sie aus unserer Galerie shoppen, Sie tun Gutes.


Rising Sun Glasses

Mit dem Kauf einer Sonnenbrille von “Rising Sun Glasses” wird einem blinden Menschen in der dritten Welt die Chance gegeben wieder sehen zu können. Der Unternehmer Sebastian Triebl gründete “Rising Sun Glasses” und unterstützt mit den Einnahmen die Partnerorganisation “Licht für die Welt”, um die nötigen Operationen zu finanzieren. Die Sonnenbrille ist ab sofort für 189 Euro exklusiv auf risingsunglasses.com erhältlich und selbst bei Rückgabe werden die Kosten für die Operation eines Patienten übernommen. So funktioniert’s: risingsunglasses.com